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Our Services


The higher we go, the farther we can see…

Varappe Solutions offer a complete answer to your high-access work needs. Working over empty spaces and defying the laws of gravity is just a part of our rope workers’ daily jobs.

Our highly qualified and certified technicians have a thirst for challenge and are ready to take on every technical task and specific assignment.

Varappe Solutions is up to the job!

Our “urban mountaineers” can work on all kinds of buildings and sites, of any height or level of difficulty.

Our experience and our devotion to the job are our guarantee of efficiency.

And because we think it’s become indispensable, we offer irreverent alternatives for a greener world!

Collective protection measures

Anchor points
Safety lines

Façade maintenance & renovation

Securing façades
Masonry repairs
Painting and cladding

Cleaning (windows, roofs, façades, gutters …)

Window cleaning
Roofs, façades, cladding
Channels and gutters
Dust removal / Washing
Clogging, graffiti

Roof work

Restoration and installation of flashing
Bitumen strips
Skylight installation
Gutter and downpipe installation and maintenance

Bird control

Installation of spikes
Permanent and temporary anti-pigeon nets
Electronic repellent systems

One team, one aim: Your success

Our skilled workers, trained in customer service, use harmless, eco-friendly products.  Our approach is efficient, careful and respectful of the comfort of surrounding people and animals.

In order to guarantee that our work is of the highest standards of quality and safety, our technicians hold all the qualifications and diplomas indispensable for difficult-access work:

CQP : Professional rope worker qualification
IRATA : Vocational rope worker certificate
CACES Nacelle : Safe driving certificate
SST : First aid in the workplace certificates